The national tourism conference would held on November 27, 2019, that proudly present by Diploma of Tourism and Travel, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Jember University. In order to build newly insight on tourism development in 4.0 era. In this occasion, the national conference has laid a tremendous theme on “Tourism in 4.0: Issues, Challenge and Strategic of Promotion”. It reflects the objective of tourism development currently close by the digitization in mostly aspects of live. However, it would create an opportunity to develop or even give a significant threats for any tourism stakeholders. It could generates more impacts for both social and economic.

We invite keynote speaker of Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, Governor of East Java and CEO of Saung Angklung Udjo, The main objectives of this national tourism conference is to provide a chance for academics, researches, tourism’s stakeholder and government to think about in how the tourism development in 4.0 era. It also gives lot opportunity for tourism researchers to share their own idea on tourism.

The invitation for call papers for the following themes:

1. Tourism in 4.0 Era

  • Tourism Issues
  • Tourism Challenge in 4.0 Era
  • Tourism Present and Future
  • Tourism Identity in 4.0 Era

2. Tourism Marketing

  • Marketing Strategic in Tourism 4.0.
  • Segmenting Market in Tourism 4.0.
  • Building Effective Promotion in Tourism 4.0
  • Policy of Tourism Marketing in Tourism 4.0

3. Tourism and Creative Industry

  • Tourism and Creative Industry Development
  • Tourism and Creative Industry Strategic Policy
  • Tourism and Creative Industry Strategic of Marketing
  • Tourism and Creative Industry Challenge in 4.0 Era

4. Tourism Local Empowerment

  • Boost Tourism Economic Benefit
  • Tourism Impact on Local Residents
  • Opportunity of Local Empowerment Participation
  • Strategic Policy on Local Empowerment Participation

5. Halal Tourism

  • Halal Tourism Destination
  • Halal Tourism Strategic Development and Policy
  • Halal Tourism Target Market
  • Halal Tourism Trend and Challenge

6. Tourism Investment

  • Tourism Investment Policy
  • Tourism Investment Procedure and Incentive
  • Tourism Investment Strategic of Development
  • Tourism Investment on 4.0 Era

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Jember